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December: Sleigh
Cat ani05sleigh
Pets will fly in and out of sight on a Reindeer guided Sleigh when traveling with this item equipped

November: Fishing Pond and Poles
Cat ani04pond
Equip a pole to a pet and watch them fish in the Pond

October: Torii Gate
Webimg 08040016
Pets will occasionally bow and pay respects at the Torii Gate when it is placed on your desktop. You earn 1 pink shell every time a pet bows.

September: Skateboards
Cat ani01board
Pets equipped with a Skateboard will zip about when traveling to and from locations

August: Oasis (the Oasis was the first subscriber item issued)
Cat ani02oasis
Place the Oasis on your desktop as a never ending source of water for pets to drink. You earn 10 green shells every time a pet drinks.