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December: Rainbow Fuzz Microball
Sub gift imgfuzz
Three adorable Fuzz Microballs were sent to premium subscribers of December, one for cats, one for dogs, and one for pandas.

November: GoPets Bicycle
Sub gift imgbike
Watch your pet zoom around in a figure eight on your desktop on his or her new red bicycle!

October: GoPets Sewing Machine
Webimg 05010063
Put it out and watch as your pet approaches and starts paddling! You will get 25 tailoring points just by having this decoration item on your desktop.

September: Scarecrow & Stove
Webimg 05010062
Webimg 05010064
Put out your Scarecrow for an instant bonus of 25 Farming Skill Points!
Get your GoPets Oven hot and ready for an instant bonus of 25 Cooking Skill Points!

August: Chariot
Sub gift imgchariot
Get on and join the chariot racing! Let's find out which pet is the fastest one to arrive on your land!

July: Treasure Map
Webimg 05010050
Yer pet can dig for buried treasure with this month's Premium Item! You can dig up 7 items a day!

June: Piñata
Webimg 05010043
Blindfolded, your pet takes a bat and winds up. Now, watch them whack the pinata and see what comes out of it!

May: Ornithopter
Wait for something magical to happen when your pet starts reading the book! Usable only outside.

April: Wild Jungle Swing
Watch in amazement as your pet defies gravity and swings through the air.

March: Jet Pack
Fly to the moon! Your pet flies all over the GoPet world and into orbit.

February: Pogo Stick
Webimg 05010035
Move the pet close to the pogo stick to make it ride it and show off cool tricks. Other pets that venture near will join in the fun!

January: Juke Box
Your pet inserts coins and starts dancing with other pets around to the music played by this machine.