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2008 Premi ItemsEdit

August: Live Gamer Arcade Machine, Live Gamer Airplane (Cat), and Live Gamer Airplane (Dog)
Your pet can win treasure!
Webimg 05030018
Webimg 05030020
Your pets will enjoy the wild blue yonder with these airplanes!

July: Premium Gumball Machine
Webimg 08071414
Watch your pet shake the machine to get a prize!

June: Cascading Chocolate Fountain
Webimg 08071413
Drop your pet near one so they can dip a strawberry into the chocolate fountain. YUM!
After eating one, your pet will get a boost in their Fullness, Health, and Play status bars!

May: The Royal Archery Range
Webimg 04010026
Aim for the bullseye, aim for fun!

April: The Heroic Steed
Sub gift imgsteed
Now the gallant knights can dash off on dangerous quests on their very own Heroic Steeds. This entrance and exit item is sent
to each premium subscriber of the month of April. Premium subscribers receive one Heroic Steed for each species - cat, dog, and panda.

March: Happy Otter Hot Air Balloon
Sub gift imgballoon
A cute entrance and exit item for pets who like to look down on the little folks. Each premium subscriber for the month
of March get a Happy Otter Hot Air Balloon for dog, cat and panda. Not suitable for pets who are scared of heights.

February: Giant Ghost Mushrooms
Sub gift imgghost
A February hit item! Two Giant Ghost Mushrooms sprinkle sparkles onto your desktop. Every few minutes,
you can harvest a baby white ghost mushroom to feed your pets - no farming skill required.

January: Snow Cloud
Sub gift imgcloud
Two Snow Clouds for your winter desktop!