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Why Change So Much? Edit

I know that change, and a lot of change, especially un-announced violent change is unwelcome.

I know that.

So why do I do it? Why not go slower? Why not fix just one thing and then make it perfect and then go forward?

Why work on the wrong things and not work on the right things?

Well that is the hard part. Identifying the right things.

How can I tell what are the right things to work on?

1) I could use my own judgment and experience and taste 2) I could hire employees, contractors, opinion leaders or other experts to generate some ideas for me 3) I could ask the users directly what is their opinion 4) I could actually measure what people are buying and not buying

Take some time and look at this page in the wikia:

Please look at the top-10 items for the month of June 2008:

  1. 7 is the premium item for the month. Other than that do you see where the first candy themed item is? #12 the Chocolate Cottage, then its #34 the Gumdrop Tree. #12 Sold 3082 Gold Shells and #34 sold 1242 Gold Shells.

The nominal price we charge for gold shells is about $0.07 each. So the Chocolate Cottage produced for us $215 [b]IF[/b] everyone bought gold shells from us.

The Gumdrop Trees produced $87 again [b]IF[/b] everyone bought gold shells from us.

However, the leveling up gold produced about 75% of the Gold in the system (before that it was PFC back in Feb)... So instead of $292, we really only made $73 from the top 2 candy themed items.

To create one of these items we must spend at least 1-2 days on concept art, then 2-5 days modeling & texture making. Even at relatively low hourly wages in Korea, a week's worth of raw labor is at least $500. So we were spending $500 to make $73.

Take a look at that June table for a while. You will see that when I removed the 95% of the items from the GoPets shops that the only two items in the top 10 that I removed was the pet adopt and the pet color changer.

Everything else that is actually bought can be broken down into one of three primary types:

  • Rare items (premiums)
  • Crafting items
  • Treasure producing items...

While many might disagree that measuring what people buy is important. I disagree, the only way that I can grow GoPets is with revenue to employees more people to make more cool stuff.

To be very plain, I working to create more of what you buy, and spend less time on the things that were not important to you as measured by your actions...

Take a look at the all-time sales figures: