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Dragon Treasure Box

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Welcome to GoPets Wiki
This wiki is all about GoPets. The primary focus at this time is to build up articles about user made custom items and user decorated lands.

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Current Events Happening in GoLand

July 29th, 2008
CandylandS MargoPongo's Candy Land

Margo Pongo is hosting a Candy Land themed contest to celebrate her new land at x:125 y:258 with a great prizes such as a full orange GoLand, gumball machines, GoDance tokens and more!
July 27th, 2008
MiticanteJuice Errol's Juice Contest

Miticante's Errol is hosting a great tropical drinks contest with prizes over 175 Gold Shell and 5000 Green Shell for every entrant!

What's new on GoPets Wiki

August 4th, 2008
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August 1st, 2008
Read all about the August 2008 Premium Items and find out what it means here!
July 26th, 2008
Check out the full set of Special Rare Items ever released compiled by PopPunkSnowGirl Special Items
July 26th, 2008
Margetb created the Premium Items List!
July 26th, 2008
Here is a great story about a new user experience on GoPets!
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Unique Custom Items

Candy Custom

Ringpopcustom x:148 y:173 jkc4444's RingPop Deco Buy Here


CherriCustomjkc4444's Cherri OutfitBuy Here

Cheongsamx:277 y:248 TheProtagonist's Cheongsam Buy Here

HoshiasLinkHoshia's Link Costume Buy Here

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All Lands Directory

Featured Lands


Pixielandx:148 y:173 jkc4444's PixieStix Playfield Buy Here


2cupsx:339 y:291 2cups's celestial castle

Lovelyx:147 y:173 jkc4444's LovelyVille

Castleplaygroundx:153 y:171 Tenissball's Castle Playground


Fishinholex:371 y:291 Lulubelle's YeOleFishinHole

Magical & Mythical

Lorex:150 y:209 jkc4444's Sassy's Lore Buy Here


Pizzaplanetx:325 y:324 Lulubelle's Pizza Planet

Mar'smartiansx:152 y:171 Tenissball's Mars's Martians


Banana ana spax:269 y:275 banana_ana' Pet Spa

Buds Nature Centerx:125 y:260 Bud's Nature Center

Untitled2x:262 y:274 IndigoCowgirl's Pagoda Paradise

Snap 86X:117 Y:273 Mor4li's Willow Lake Camp


Evilforestx:316 y:255 Lulubelle's Evil Forest


Londoniax:153 y:170 Tenissball's Outskirts of Londonia

Valentines day

Valentines weddingx:152 y:170 Tenissball's Valentines Wedding


Winter Wonderlandx:86 y:108 PopPunk's_Lands

WonderifulWinterWorldx:176 y:197 Tenissball's Wonderful Winter

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