GoPets Anniversary Item Releases Edit

  • 1st anniversaryLaurels - released to users on their 1st year anniversary with GoPets.


  • 2nd anniversaryToga - released to users on their 2nd year anniversary with GoPets.


Country Specific and Holiday Item Releases Edit

  • Baby Moon Bear - released to posters on the Chinese forum

Webimg 04030013

  • Chinese Moon for Cats and Dogs - Mid-September 07, in celebration of Moon and Harvest festivals of Asia


  • Coffin Zombie, China - Halloween 07

Webimg 08070851

  • Umbrella Ghost, Japan - Halloween 07

Webimg 08070852

  • Demon, Korea - Halloween 07

Webimg 08070853

  • Tombstone Ghost, USA - Halloween 07

Webimg 08070854

  • Happy Christmas Tree - released December 06 when a GoPets survey was completed by user

Webimg 08070114

  • Carriage Ice Sculpture - released December 25, 06 as a gift to whomever had their Happy Christmas Tree out on their desktop

Webimg 12130006

  • Crystal Crown - released as promotional items to Taiwanese Yam users


  • Thai Jet - the Brand store was open for a few minutes and well, you can figure out the rest...


  • Tuk Tuk - released as promotional items to Taiwanese Yam users


  • Hong Kong Minibus - to celebrate the opening of GoPets Hong Kong on July 18, 2006; released to the First Place winner of imaginative art contest on the Chinese forum


  • Pomelo

PomeloPomelo 2

  • Niu lang Costume

Niu lang costumes

  • Zhi Nju Costume

Zhi Nju costumes

  • Pink Cow Tshirts and Balloon: The Japanese community had a real-life gathering at The Pink Cow in Tokyo; everyone that came got these Pink Cow items. The Pink Cow balloon was also a gift for a Forum quest event.

Pink Cow Tshirts and Balloon

  • Pet Hina Doll Set

Pet Hina Doll Set

Prize Shop Item Releases Edit

Hi Scores Prize Shop -- all these items have appeared in the Hi Scores Prize Shop-

  • Yellow Sports Car, Thunder Black Sports Car, Red Sports Car

Yellow Sports CarsThunder Black Sports CarsRed Sports Cars

  • Village Windmill

Village windmill

  • Cat and Dog Tumbling Doll

Cat and Dog Thumbling Dolls

  • Red, Black, Yellow Tarantulas


  • GoPets Isotonic Drink 250ml and 500ml

Isotonic Drinks

  • Cross Gravestone and Round Gravestone

Cross Gravestone and Round Gravestone

  • Moving Swing

Moving Swing

  • Lemon, Apple, Strawberry Lollipop


  • Free Throw Arcade Game Machine, Skeeball Arcade Game Machine, Bullseye Arcade Game Machine

Game Machines

  • Large Christmas Tree

Large Christmas Tree

  • Chu Toro Nigiri

Chu Toro Nigiri

  • Surprise Pink Box

Surprise Pink Box

  • Winged Shoes Cat and Dog

Winged Shoes Cat and Dog

  • Jewelry Box

Jewlery Box

  • Magic Snowman

Magic Snowman

  • Pet House Christmas Cake

Pet House Christmas Cake

  • Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple Transport Helicopter

Blue and Yellow HelicoptersRed and Purple Helicopters

  • Cheese Flavored Health Bar, Green Tea Flavored Health Bar

Flavored Health Bars

  • Flying Magic Cloud; Flying Carpet

Flying Magic Cloud and Flying Carpet

  • Superstar Basketball, Champion Basketball, Freestyle Basketball

Superstar, Champion, and Frestyle Basketballs

  • Skeeball Cap (Cat and Dog), Bullseye Ccap (Cat and Dog), Free Throw Cap (Cat and Dog)

Purple and Green Caps Blue Caps

  • Oriental Scale Armor (Black). Boots, Gloves, Bottom, Top, Helmet

Oriental Scale Armor Oriental Scale Armor 2

  • Skeeball T-Shirt with Hood, Bullseye T-Shirt with Hood, Free Throw T-Shirt with Hood

Blue and Green Hoodies Dark Green Hoodies

  • Skeeball T-Shirt, Bullseye T-Shirt, Free Throw T-Shirt

Light Purple and Dark Blue Shirts Blue Shirts

Candy Shot Prize Shop-

  • Bandana



  • Ice Blue Dragon

Ice Blue Dragons

Rare and Limited Item Releases Edit

  • Blue Star Skateboard - Only one user owns this board for cats and dogs. She contributed quite a bit of her artistic talent via comics for GoPets. This is an equippable item for pets to ride.

Blue Star Skateboards

  • Green Skateboard - about 12 users own this; one user received one because he reported a very serious bug (rather than exploiting it or posting in the public forums about it). This is an equippable item for pets to ride.

Green Skateboards

  • Yellow Skateboard - accidentally released into the Hi Scores Prize Shop. This is an equippable item for pets to ride.

Yellow Skateboards

  • Peggle Skateboard - accidentally put into the Peggle Prize Shop. This is an equippable item for pets to ride.

Peggle Skateboards

  • Beta Arcade Machine - given out to early stage beta testers - acts like any Arcade Machine - pets play the arcade; you receive 10 green shells if they win. There is also a lose animation; you receive 0 green shells when pets lose the arcade game.

Beta Arcade Machine

  • Baby Booties - accidentally released; supposedly test items for baby GoPets; items cannot be equipped

Baby Booties

  • RC Cars and Planes - Only 100 of each won by users who played certain Diner Dash or Eets during Spring 2007. These are desktop items. Put on your desktop and your pets will pick up the controller and run the car or fly the plane.

RC Cars and Planes

  • Fishing Lake for Beginners - also called the Dash pond or - pond. Found in treasure chests for a short time.

Fishing Lake for Beginners

  • Sad Penguin for cat, dog, and panda

Webimg 04060030 Webimg 04060050 Webimg 04060070

Pirate Set-

  • GoPets Pirate Ship - this item is able to be entered, like a house and decorated inside

Pirate Ship

  • Parrot - cat and dog - this is a micropet, which when added to your pet's inventory, will hover around and follow your pet

Cat and Dog Parrots

  • Big Wheeled Cannon, Small Cannon, Long Cannon, Gold Cannon - pets will shoot cannon balls out each of the cannons


Fishing Pond Catches-

  • Tough Penguin Micropet

Tough Penguin Micropets

  • Orange Chrome Robario

Orange Chrome Robarios

  • Purple Chick Micropet

Purple Chick Micropets

  • Black Graphite Fishing Pole

Black Graphite Fishing Poles

  • Aquariums - Large, Extra Large, Triple Wide